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June 24 - 26, 2011


Marilla Civil War Days
June 24 - 26, 2011

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  2010 Marilla Event Re-Cap

June 29, 2010

After Action Report

by Dale Turner

After Action Report for Artillery Coalition stationed at Marilla, NY.

June 24, Camp Setup had began. Dinner at Kodiak Jacks with members of the ERA, fun for all attending.

June 25, Camps began to set-up around pond in Marilla, NY. We could see the enemy camps across the pond coming to life. The campfires were lit, and the men took rations and waited for the impending battles to come in the morrow.

June 26, Revile was early camps were full of hungry soldiers. The local saloon had fresh coffee and pastries. The units of the Coalition including Halsey Battery SC Artillery, 38th VA Battalion, 1st NY Wiedrichs Battery, and 1st VT Heavy Artillery took to the nearby fields to drill. It was a long hot afternoon in camp we awaited the battle it seemed as though neither army wanted to start the attack. At 3:30 the first shots from Union Cavalry were heard, then the pickets started in. We rushed to the guns and opened fire. The 52nd NC and 42nd VA Infantry put up a steady fire but in the end were unable to hold the ground they had gained as the 1st TN Artillery took to the field as support for our guns. After the rebels were driven from the field our units went back into camp. A wonderful dinner of beef and chicken was provided by the town folks of Marilla. Later a barn dance was held, as the dance went on a force of Union troops started to move in on our position. With musket fire and mortars the Union was driven off, in the fight the barn was destroyed by a mortar shell and burned to the ground. After the dance was finished we fired the mortar and a cannon in salute of our victory.

June 27, Revile again was early, camp was excited about the morning church service where a child was baptized. Battle came early at 1:00 the Union attacked the Rebels. The fight was hot and after a few charges by each side the Federals were driven from the field taking heavy casualties. Both Batteries received minor wounds none dead.

In conclusion the event was a huge success. All involved should be proud of the presentation. The spectators were very impressed with the new set-up. Now to find a way to top the barn burning. Thank You to all who made this event the best it has been since it was started.

Capt. Dale Turner
Artillery Coalition
attached to the ERA



Dec 10, 2010

Amherst 2011 Canceled

Please be informed that due to severe budgetary problems at the Amherst Museum, it has become necessary to cancel the 2011 Amherst Civil War Weekend Event.

On behalf of the Museum, the 49th NYV Infantry and the 33rd VA Infantry Co.G, we wou...ld like to thank all of you who have supported this event through the years.

Once the dust settles, hopefully, we may be able to put on a 2012 event at the Museum.

Your Obedient Servant,

Chuck Denton
33rd Va Inf. Co.G
Amherst Event Committee


Nov 4, 2010

Christmas During the Civil War at the Marilla Community Center.

Cal will be presenting a program Christmas During the Civil War

on Thursday, November 11 at 7:30 PM at the Marilla Community Center.

He is bringing to life an 1863 Thomas Nast caricature of St. Nicholas in order to tell about how our American Christmas customs matured and developed during the Civil War Era.

Oct 9, 2010

Marilla NY Parade coming on Nov 7, 2010

Sunday Nov. 7th is the 11th Annual Veteran's Day Parade. Parade Line up at 11:30am at the Marilla Fire Hall The parade starts at 12:00 noon, and marches North on Two Rod Road to Bullis Road one block away. We will have our Mortars behind the fence across from the Veteran's Memorial. After the Conclusion of the ceremony a free roast beef dinner will be provided by the Marilla Grill to all Participants.
This year we will have both Union and Confederate units in the parade.
Hope to See you there Dave and Dottie


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