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June 23 - 24, 2012


Marilla Civil War Days
June 23 - 24, 2012

 Union Troops WANTED

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This is the NEW Official Website for Marilla Civil War Days.  We will use this site solely for Marilla Civil War Days to keep you current and up to date for the upcoming event in 2011.  Hopefully this site will be a little easier to use.  You will be able to download a registration flyer, or apply online.  See the navigation links to the left.


Attention All Reenactors

 You can still register for the event . (6-21-11)

If you want to attend the Marilla Event you can still register the day of the show.  Just visit our registration booth located in the Saloon down Sutlers Road.  We will be open on Friday from 7:00 am till 9:00 pm and Saturday 7:00 am till 11:00 pm.  There will be a very limited supply of dinner tickets available to people registering the day of the event.

All reenactors that are pre-paid, please visit the booth for your registration packs, there you will receive your dinner and ice vouchers and other important info. Looking forward to seeing everyone, have a great time, this one is going to be a BLAST.


Deadline Fast Approaching  (6-12-11)

If you are planning to attend Marilla this year and have put it off, you still have time. We like to get pre-registrations in so we have an accurate headcount for our Saturday Evening dinner. If you can get your registration into my hands by Saturday June 16, 2011, then you will qualify for the dinner.

This year's event is going to be one of our largest turnouts of reenactors since we began back in 2003. I want to thank everyone who signed up so far, its you that make this event a success every year. We still have room if you want to attend.

There are a lot of things that make this a very enjoyable event. We will have hay, water, and ice available as rations for every unit that attends. There is also the Red Hat Saloon on site to provide refreshments for Spectators and Reenactors alike. Our Birch Beer was a huge favorite last year. The Battles and Scenarios are always very intense, and now with the inclusion of a POW Camp you wont  know what to expect. We also have some special effects planned so stay tuned for that.  This is the event you will not want to miss, because every year it gets better with the help of The town of Marilla and Ron U. from the Highway dept.  We will keep you posted as we get closer.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for addition information.

BREAKING NEWS (5-4-2011)

Special Training Weekend announced for May 13 - 15, 2011

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To All,
We will be conducting a special "Training Weekend" at the Marilla Town Park, Saturday May 14th. You will be allowed to set up a camp if you would like Friday the 13th and stay until Sunday May 15th. There will be firewood available. The Park is officially closed until Memorial Day so you will need to bring your own water.

The training will touch on matters such as Infantry tactics and terms, marching, weapons and safety, uniforms, and camp setups. Full uniforms are optional except for Hats. However, ALL leather goods, weapons, canteens, and limited amount of loads are needed. Parade marching will also be addressed.

I assure everyone that this is NOT an attempt to change our family atmosphere, but instead try to improve our representation of the Civil War Era and its soldiers. With the 150th Anniversary of the war now starting across the USA, many more people will be aware of the period. We want to improve ourselves and make our impressions better as well.

If any Artillery units are interested in possibly doing some additional self training, please let me know ASAP.

PLEASE Advise if you are attending ASAP




Gen. Mike Krawczyk




New Information (3-24-2011)

Just Confirmed The Irish Volunteers will be appearing on Sunday June 26, 2011 they will perform for the Church Service at 10:00am and also a concert at 11:00am.  They do a very nice job performing tunes from the civil war era with an Irish flair.  If you have never seen this group before you will be thoroughly impressed with this style of music.  Check out their web site at www.irishvolunteers.netfor more info.


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